Efficiently Track and Analyze Production Data

Forget the pencil and paper, scanning, copying, and redundancies. Capture and analyze production data directly from the factory floor, all in one place.

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Seamless Data Entry

  • Mobility accelerates adoption
  • Tablets are rugged enough for daily use in industrial environment-tablets allow for training at the Teachable Moment

Heat Maps Without Admin Time

  • Clearly communicate exactly where your Quality Tech's And Production Tech's should focus their attention.
  • Use data to drive the decisions

Build Your Defect Library

  • Easily build a standardized defect library from the manufacturing floor
  • Attach images that clearly display each defect type for improved accuracy
  • Connect your Best Practices for defect repair to enable efficient and effective defect repair.

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Email Peter Koury, President of TA Industrial Solutions,
at p.koury@taindustrial.net for more information.

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